"If anyone is going to make it happen, it's us, we always find a way!"

Anthony Cockcroft

Managing Director

Our core business is Print Finishing, the conversion of printed material from sheet form, into the finished product.
Working with all substrates, from paper to cardboard, foam core to rigid plastics, we can successfully convert the simplest show card through to a full 3D floor standing display. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in taking a project from conception through to completion in store…Read more



Cuttingedge was founded in 1997 as a bolt on to a large commercial printer, this company was “acquired” by a multinational print group, taking Cuttingedge along with it.

Becoming like a lost puppy lost in a Giant multimedia organisation, Cuttingedge was cast out as the runt of the litter, to be found (ok, bought) and taken under the wing of it’s now owner, the White Ghost.
The White Ghost, loved Cuttingedge and knew that it had many talents, which could be harnessed and nurtured, and had great idea’s of developing it to become one of the country’s leading large format print finishers and point of sale manufacturers.
To this day Cuttingedge is going from strength to strength, frequently offering lifesaving services to it’s clients, to enable them to meet there deadline, due to its secret formula…Read more




We have the biggest and greatest amount of Die Cutting machines in the country and really know how to use them.We work double day shifts to ensure your work hits it’s required deadline…
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We have the greatest experience in this process. Paper to Board, Litho Lamination Sheet to Sheet Duplex, Triplex, call it what you will, we can do it all…
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We now have the facility to Cad Cut, this new state of the art machine has an ability to cut a flat sheet 2000 x 3200mm, and what’s more we can produce just one off if required with no expensive tooling costs!…
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