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Services Film Lamination

Whether you need a glossy finish to wow your clients or a simple matt look, we are capable of completing any task you may have. With a high quality finish and outstanding customer service no job is too big or too small for us to handle


Automatic 28 x 40″ 720 x 1020mm



Services Programme Guillotine

With a our large range of programmable guillotine’s, we here at cuttingedge are able to slice a range of materials. We have the ability to slice paper,board and plastics of various sizes. Whether you just need the smallest of trims or a large cut we can cater to your needs.

Paper, board, plastics
Width 45″ 1150mm
Width 65″ 1650mm



Services Print Mounting

We have the greatest experience in this process. Paper to Board, Litho Lamination Sheet to Sheet Duplex, Triplex, call it what you will, we can do it all. We can mount almost any substrate to any substrate, with stay flat, lay flat properties. Handling sheets from A4 up to 1400 x 2050mm, we can be die cutting and gluing your work as your sheets are still running through.




Services Die Cutting

We have the biggest and greatest amount of Die Cutting machines in the country and really know how to use them.We work double day shifts to ensure your work hits it’s required deadline. When it comes to taking a flat sheet of paper, display board, corrugated, plastic or even textiles, we have the machinery, skills and ability to maximise the shape that comes from within it! We can emboss, deboss, cut, crease and score on our wide array of machinery.




Our Services

Our core business is Print Finishing, the conversion of printed material from sheet form, into the finished product.
Working with all substrates, from paper to cardboard, foam core to rigid plastics, we can successfully convert the simplest show card through to a full 3D floor standing display.
We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in taking a project from conception through to completion is store.
We can run with a project from any point within its manufacturing process, whether you wish to supply materials for mounting and die cutting, or wish to reduce your time and hassle, by supplying artwork for us to organise materials and print, (digital, litho or screen) for us to convert and deliver to you, or your client. Whichever way you choose, we can competitively meet all your requirements, on response, turnaround and above all quality.

About Bottom

  • Last year brought the edition of our crystal ball; this “one off working prototype” lets us know what our customers want, before they do!
  • This year saw the industry’s 1st “magic wand” this gives us the power to turn work around before it arrives and have it back before it is designed or printed.
  • Our latest investment, purchased at online auction is “The Tardis” This truly awesome piece of kit, when fully integrated with the “magic wand” and “crystal ball” enables us “to go back in time” and produce the work our clients required for delivery yesterday or the day before, or on occasion have even “forgotten about” (A rarity we know)

About Top

Cuttingedge was founded in 1997 as a bolt on to a large commercial printer, this company was “acquired” by a multinational print group, taking Cuttingedge along with it.

Becoming like a lost puppy lost in a Giant multimedia organisation, Cuttingedge was cast out as the runt of the litter, to be found (ok, bought) and taken under the wing of it’s now owner, the White Ghost.

The White Ghost, loved Cuttingedge and knew that it had many talents, which could be harnessed and nurtured, and had great idea’s of developing it to become one of the country’s leading large format print finishers and point of sale manufacturers.
To this day Cuttingedge is going from strength to strength, frequently offering lifesaving services to it’s clients, to enable them to meet there deadlines, due to its secret formula…

Many print finishers choose to invest in new, bigger, better and faster equipment (which obviously we have also done and continue to do) but what sets us out from the rest, is we have chosen to invest in some unique and revolutionary patented high tech stuff…